Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloods, Crypts and Walmart

We have been enjoying a pretty low key weekend. It's been a bit on the humid side and not really too sunny. Your typical August weather for central Virginia. It's better to stay in for us on these days then to venture out. We do have vacation coming up starting next Saturday and we will be heading to Cape Cod. Hopefully it won't be as hot and the sun will be a participant in the weeks fun. Another reason I have been staying in is a sinus infection. I normally can count on one good cold a year. This is it. I am such a baby when I don't feel well. I really cannot believe I have a 6 year old daughter who endured weeks of chemotherapy without one complaint and I cannot even stand a little sinus pressure in my head. Ellie still amazes me each day and she took good care of me while I didn't feel well. I think the worst of the sinus infection is over but now my nose and face hurt from all the nose blowing... see... I am still complaining.

Yesterday Steve took the girls to see G-Force. Ellie wanted to see the little hamsters. She cracks up at the commercial each time they say in unison 'poop in his hand, poop in his hand!'. 6 year olds. I am actually pretty sure, Steve found that funny as well. Unfortunately, I think the hamster scene was the highlight for them and the movie didn't receive rave reviews. They stopped at Target on the way home to buy Nerf bullets for their guns. Yes, the girls have nerf guns. I think we got them 2 years ago but they haven't surfaced until last week when they decided to hold Kanye for ransom and needed a weapon. So yesterday we got to play gangland war. They had to wear glasses and were not allowed to shoot at faces. They are nerf bullets after all and probably couldn't do any damage but it's better to be safe then sorry. They had such fun. Emma really loved the shoot-outs and said she had a dream of being in the Army. (OK...mental note to self, take the guns away before daughter enlists)

Charlie's Angels 2009

You looking at us?

Sharp shooter
Ellie does take her warfare very seriously. I couldn't get her to smile while her finger was on the trigger. We also have learned that Kanye (the cat) loves to be shot. He also enjoys picking up the bullets in his mouth and running off. We have to find him a little pair of protective goggles.

Last night we ventured out to Walmart, and yes that is quite the adventure here. Not one of my favorite stores to patronize but they had some really good back to college type stuff and we are in the middle of redoing Emma's room. Last week while Ellie and I were in Memphis, Steve and Emma painted her room a slate blue color. It looks really great. We went last night to get some new accessories and actually found some bedding she liked. It was really affordable, so I was fine with that. She is not into the Pottery Barn Kids stuff anymore which is good I suppose since it is pricey so I was thrilled when she found a comforter and pillow shams for $38.00. We stopped at Friendlys for butter crunch ice cream cones on the drive home and as the new comforter washed, we watched the X-Files movie. Can't complain about that. I certainly love my Mulder.