Monday, August 17, 2009

True and Undeniable Love!

Our vacation is over, my birthday has passed and summer is coming to an end. It all went by too quickly but I enjoyed every minute of it. What a wonderful time we had in Cape Cod. It was really perfect. I am so much more aware now. Aware of life and living. To be able to look over and acknowledge my girls smiling, laughing, and enjoying the moment and to really fully understand in my soul how blessed we all are to be here...does it get any better than that? Thank you God for giving me these days and for giving us the gift that cancer has brought us. The gift of appreciation. This wonderful reward brings tears to my eyes when I see and feel all of the many blessings we have been granted and allowed to experience. Thank you Jesus.

Our trip to Cape Cod was fabulous and I am now head over heals in love with Chatham, Massachusetts. Since I was in my 20s I have always wanted to have a summer home in Madison, Connecticut. I grew up in a neighboring town and Madison is one of the prettiest towns in New England. There have been many happy memories for me in this town and I always find myself drawn back there in my mind. In fact to prove my love of this little town, Ellie's middle name is Madison, so there you go, I am like a town stalker or something. The shoreline there is beautiful and the downtown in quaint and inviting and you can leisurely stroll in and out of shops and stop for a coffee (or a diet coke) and pass by fellow Main Street shoppers and say hello and they say hello back... it's all so wonderful. There is old New England charm with a fast forward lifestyle. This was always the place I would daydream of summering at and possibly living year round should we ever make the move back north...that is until now. OMG (can I say that now that I am 40? Should any adult say that?) I am totally infatuated with Chatham, MA! It is so perfect. Really, really perfect. I know if I drove up there in January when it was snowy and cold, I would totally feel different and the romance may be over but from May to September I am in love. It was like Madison but multiplied by 100. The houses were all immaculate in their cottage ocean scene vibe and there were flowers...EVERYWHERE. Black eyed Susans, Impatiens, Hydrangea and so many roses tumbling over fences. There were glimpses of the ocean and boats from so many view points. Boats anchored by the shore just bobbing on the current waiting to be released and taken for a spin. The sky was crystal clear and so blue, the sand was warm and soft, the dunes were so Cape Cod perfect and the feel of being in one of God's favorite places was evident. I still love Madison but Chatham is my new muse and I will be dreaming about our time together for a long, long time.

Here are a few photos from our trip. There are more over on my flickr account to the right. I honestly didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked. I am sure if you polled Steven or the girls they would totally disagree but this place is just so special and I came no where even close to capturing it but someday I will return with camera in hand to properly capture the essence that is Cape Cod.

Steve and I on the sand dunes.

Nantucket Sound
View of the grasses facing Nantucket Sound in Chatham

House in Chatham
Chatham house off of Main Street

Family Love
We had a great time and cannot wait to return!