Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New England getaway

We are on day three of our vacation. We drove on Sunday and were in Connecticut on Monday and drove up to Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod yesterday. The drive wasn't bad and so far the weather is OK. It was great Monday and Tuesday but today was a bit overcast and cloudy but no rain so I am not complaining. It was only about 70 degrees today and a welcome change from the 90 degree weather we were experiencing back home. Emma is the only one that complained she was cold and missed the warm weather.

On Monday we drove around to some favorite spots on the shoreline and that night my girlfriend Laurel had a little birthday party for me in anticipation of my big 4-0 birthday this Friday. It was wonderful and so sweet. Here are some photos.

Birthday decorations
the flowers are from my girlfriend MaryAnn's garden. So pretty.
The gifts are from Laurel and MaryAnn. There are streamers and balloons on the walls.

Opening gifts... boy do I love to do that!!!

Birthday Loot
Pretty presents
photo by Emma

Blow out he candles
Ellie helps me blow out the candles and make a wish!
The girls and I spent the day along Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River. It was a bit on the hot side but we still found lots of ways to have fun by shopping and hanging out. Here are the highlights.

sail Away
Sailboats in Essex on the river

Hanging out on the dock by the river in Essex. It was a beautiful day.

Dock Rocking
Emma & Ellie get their groove on while rocking the dock.

Piggies in the water
We all sat on the dock and plopped our toes in the river. It was heavenly...until Ellie saw a fish.

Madison CT
Along the shoreline in my favorite town, Madison.

Ellie & Mommy
Me and Ellie in Chatfield Hollow park in Killingworth

Killingworth CT
The girls hang out at Chatfield Hollow.