Friday, March 25, 2011

random photo friday

phoebe and tucker sharing the dog bed

Hot Chicks!
3 cute chicks at our local tractor supply... there were ducks too!

Country Living
me and emma at our friend's farm - posing with slippers the horse.

Stretch it out..
canada goose stretching at the lake

Thunder Clouds
beginning of my neighborhood with a storm rolling through.

Next door...
red bellied woodpecker way up in a tree - someone just found a nest to raise babies.

beautiful emma posing for me.

kanye jude enjoying the warm spring days on the porch

Right before school
sweet ellie on the way to school

swan portait....taken at the lake

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the camera definitely loves her

I was finally was able to bribe convince Emma to let me take some photos of her. She is such a beautiful model to photograph. Be on the lookout for more in the coming weeks.

Spring certainly has me in the photo taking mood. I am headed to the James River wetlands this Friday for some birding and hopefully I will get a few good pics. (fingers crossed)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

A beautiful spring day

OMG - Absolutely gorgeous weather yesterday and today! Welcome back Spring! I have missed you so. Yesterday I watched a Carolina Chickadee bussle to and fro with moss in her beak. She has claimed our blue bird house and is busy making a nest. Last year we had a bluebird family raise a brood so it is nice to have some variety this year.

Building a nest
such a wonderful sight to see on a beautiful spring day

I walked around the gardens and they are in need of so much work but among the dead leaves, pinecones and spent plants from last summer I see the emergence of lots of green. I am going to do a lot of moving and relocating this spring and I hope that this is the year that we finally put in the water garden we have been dreaming about.

Lambs Ear
The Lambs Ear in the front garden is already thriving. Last year it was a bit space hungry and reseeded itself in a few new spots so this Spring some of our Lambs Ear friends are facing some redistricting.

Peony Bushes are starting too.
I have 4 peony bushes and 3 are coming up nicely....not too sure what happened to PB#4.

I am not growing any plants by seed this year except for some Zinnia. I heard these were so easy to cultivate so I am going to give it a go. Last year the Coneflower I planted from seed did well so I am hoping for more good luck.

Today is another beautiful day. A bit cooler than yesterday's low 80's but 75 is just perfect in my book. Steve is out doing some neighborhood community service; working on beautifying our nature trails and I am working on orders. Lots of fun new projects that I am working on for Tickle Bellies. New projects equals new excitement and creativity for me. Need to keep it fun - that is for sure!

Two funny things to share from last night. The girls and I are headed out to do some dinner and shopping so on the way we call my mom to check in on how her day was. We put her on speaker phone because I was driving. She tells us about her day as well as her 'friend' Bill who lives next door. She was telling me about a baseball game they were going to today and about the Sketchers that she bought (Ellie thought it was funny that grandma was wearing Sketchers and asked if they lit up when she walked haha) so to inject a little humor into the conversation as she was talking about Bill I interupted her and said "Don't forget you are on speaker phone and the girls are with me - make sure to keep your story PG13" which if you know my mother -everything is kept at a G level so it was just funny for me to say that - so she is thrown off by my comment and says "Of course I am keeping it 3D!" The three of us burst out laughing.

On the drive home from our outing Emma is sitting in the front with me and Ellie is in the backseat watching a movie. I pull into the bank to do some late night deposit drop offs. While I am working the ATM Ellie bursts into tears. My heart stops and Emma and I both whip our heads around to see what is wrong. Through streaming tears Ellie sobs out "This movie is soooo sad!" I nearly had a heart attack. She was watching Charlotte's Web and Charlotte was dying. This kid is surely trying to put me into an early grave.

Our Pear Tree has bloomed!
leaving you with our beautiful blooming pear tree in the front yard. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

catching up has been a little bit since I last updated. Let's see, what have we been up to. At the end of February Ellie and I flew into Memphis for a St. Jude event. Ellie was selected (with another little boy) to be the patient representative for the 2011 year for Sterling Jewelers. Sterling is the parent company of Jared the Galleria of Jewelery and Kay Jewelers. They are huge supporters of St. Jude and raise a ton of money every year. When we were there they presented the hospital with a 4.3 million dollar check for the 2010 year. It's really an honor to be on their team this year and I hope they raise even more money in 2011.

So our visit consisted of interviews, video shoots and public speaking instead of our usual round of needle sticks, MRIs and anxiety. What a nice change! It was a fabulous week and we got to explore downtown Memphis because we were staying right off of Beale Street so that was fun too. We just love to go to the Peabody Hotel and see those cute ducks! We also visited with our favorite people which is always the best part of our trips to Memphis. We don't have to return to St. Jude until the end of May for scans and a check-up. Our next commitment/event with the Sterling team will be in September when they take all of us to Disney World to rally the sales troops. In the fall they start selling a plush animal until January and all the proceeds go to St. Jude. Ellie and Roman's artwork will be on the stuffed animals tag. So this fall go and buy a bear or two... We are going to make it a vacation and stay in Florida for a bit after our meeting with Sterling. So cannot wait for that!

Ellie and Steve went to the annual father/daughter dance last Friday that is hosted by our local Girl Scout council. This is our second year and it's always so nice to see all the dads dressed up dancing with their pretty girls, having fun and making memories. Of course I cry at everything these days so I was all weepy this night. So glad she is here to participate and experience moments like this.

Emma has started field hockey. She had practice last night and scored 2 goals. She will be going out for field hockey in high school next year so I am hoping she excels this Spring and finds her passion with the game. Ellie is taking tennis lessons from a neighborhood girl who is on the high school tennis team. I am hoping to get her on a team this summer.

Steve and I are looking forward to going away this spring. Maybe up to Cape May NJ. They are known for great birding. Finally, the pear trees are blooming or just about to. The daffodils are up as well and there is lots of pretty green popping up all over. I so love spring and all the newness. It will be warm this weekend too! (high 70's) Woo Hoo!

Of course, the images from Japan are almost unbelievable to watch. The force of that water...what incredible power it has. It's so hard to see how everything we have built up can be wiped out in minutes and how we really have no control over it. Puts things into perspective.

Here are some photos from our trip to St. Jude and from the dance. Emma has been hiding from my camera lens lately but I will be blackmailing her in the very near future to get some photos. hehehe...

Roman & Ellie
Roman, the other patient in the campaign, and Ellie

Dr B
No St. Jude visit is complete without a visit with our favorite doctor.

Almost 3 years
Ellie stands in front of her image at the Memphis International Airport. Cannot believe it has been almost 3 years.

Dooners 2
Spent an evening with the Dooners...our Memphis family.

During Ellie's taped interview for Sterling Jewelers

I love her!!
My new favorite photo :)

Here's one of Emmy.... love my girls

Twirling the night away
Steven and Ellie twirling the night away.

my sweet girl
me and Ellie before the dance. Her dress was so pretty.

She's a Star!
Ellie the star poses with her daddy