Saturday, March 19, 2011

A beautiful spring day

OMG - Absolutely gorgeous weather yesterday and today! Welcome back Spring! I have missed you so. Yesterday I watched a Carolina Chickadee bussle to and fro with moss in her beak. She has claimed our blue bird house and is busy making a nest. Last year we had a bluebird family raise a brood so it is nice to have some variety this year.

Building a nest
such a wonderful sight to see on a beautiful spring day

I walked around the gardens and they are in need of so much work but among the dead leaves, pinecones and spent plants from last summer I see the emergence of lots of green. I am going to do a lot of moving and relocating this spring and I hope that this is the year that we finally put in the water garden we have been dreaming about.

Lambs Ear
The Lambs Ear in the front garden is already thriving. Last year it was a bit space hungry and reseeded itself in a few new spots so this Spring some of our Lambs Ear friends are facing some redistricting.

Peony Bushes are starting too.
I have 4 peony bushes and 3 are coming up nicely....not too sure what happened to PB#4.

I am not growing any plants by seed this year except for some Zinnia. I heard these were so easy to cultivate so I am going to give it a go. Last year the Coneflower I planted from seed did well so I am hoping for more good luck.

Today is another beautiful day. A bit cooler than yesterday's low 80's but 75 is just perfect in my book. Steve is out doing some neighborhood community service; working on beautifying our nature trails and I am working on orders. Lots of fun new projects that I am working on for Tickle Bellies. New projects equals new excitement and creativity for me. Need to keep it fun - that is for sure!

Two funny things to share from last night. The girls and I are headed out to do some dinner and shopping so on the way we call my mom to check in on how her day was. We put her on speaker phone because I was driving. She tells us about her day as well as her 'friend' Bill who lives next door. She was telling me about a baseball game they were going to today and about the Sketchers that she bought (Ellie thought it was funny that grandma was wearing Sketchers and asked if they lit up when she walked haha) so to inject a little humor into the conversation as she was talking about Bill I interupted her and said "Don't forget you are on speaker phone and the girls are with me - make sure to keep your story PG13" which if you know my mother -everything is kept at a G level so it was just funny for me to say that - so she is thrown off by my comment and says "Of course I am keeping it 3D!" The three of us burst out laughing.

On the drive home from our outing Emma is sitting in the front with me and Ellie is in the backseat watching a movie. I pull into the bank to do some late night deposit drop offs. While I am working the ATM Ellie bursts into tears. My heart stops and Emma and I both whip our heads around to see what is wrong. Through streaming tears Ellie sobs out "This movie is soooo sad!" I nearly had a heart attack. She was watching Charlotte's Web and Charlotte was dying. This kid is surely trying to put me into an early grave.

Our Pear Tree has bloomed!
leaving you with our beautiful blooming pear tree in the front yard. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!