Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricanes and Helicopters

Some thunderstorms came through this afternoon so I turned on the Weather Channel for an update. Nothing major coming our way but because it is hurricane season, there was a documentary about Hurricane Katrina playing. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago this month. As I watched I remember the feeling of helplessness to do anything to improve or assist these people as well as the anger that this sort of unpreparedness, lack of communication, planning and action on the part of our federal government exhibited. One line in the documentary summed it up pretty well. "...from internet, cell phones and communication to a third world country in just 8 hours". Mother Nature sure is powerful. Thankfully Hurricane Bill is staying out to sea and hopefully it will bypass Cape Cod and not cause any problems. There was a report from my new favorite place this morning on the news, Chatham MA. All swimming in the ocean has been prohibited due to strong riptide currents. Glad we picked 2 weeks before to plan our visit. I hope my new love does not suffer any damages.

Switching topics, I have this weird thing going on with my left ear. It's like a pulsating helicopter sound that I can hear. It's throwing off my balance just a little bit but is more annoying to listen to then anything else. It comes and goes but it's here more than gone. Of course I have googled my symptoms and there is everything from possible fluid blockage to an impending aneurysm slowly making it's way up to my brain to signs of old age. I am only 8 days into my 40s....oi vhey! I am going to visualize fluid and call Steven's ENT doctor on Monday. If I don't make it due to an aneurysm explosion, thanks for reading.

The thunderstorms have cleared and Steve and Ellie will soon be home from dropping off Emma at grandma's for a few days. School starts in about 2 1/2 weeks so Emma is spending the next few days hanging out with her grandma. Ellie will miss her but I am sure we can find some fun things to do. Steve actually flys up to Boston Monday for a RedSox game. He has his birthday on the 30th so this will be a good present for him. Hopefully the Sox will win and make him happy. He is going with one of our friends who is a die hard Yankees fans. Let's hope they make it out of Fenway Park alive.

Can you believe that I do not have any photos in this post? I think that is a first. Not that I don't have a slew that are waiting to be downloaded but I will get to that tomorrow. :)