Friday, August 28, 2009

This post is Kanye approved

Kanye, Ellie's kitten, is about 5 months old. He has been such a treat to watch the past few months. He is definitely crazy, probably the craziest kitten I have ever had but he is so sweet and funny that I tend to forgive him when he is behaving badly. (which he does all the time) He is truly the Dennis the Menace of the cat world and he totally lives up to his rapper inspired name. This cat has edge and dare I say it, cattitude.

The girls have fallen in love with him as have the other cats. Of course there are days when Charlotte gives him a whack with all her claws extended but for the most part she enjoys her new little brother. Tucker on the other hand is not so sure. Kanye likes to chomp on his tail and follow him from room to room sniffing him. He gets easily agitated but would never growl or bark. I think out of all of us, Tucker is the least impressed with Kanye's arrival into the family, followed by Steven who doesn't seem to be wooed by Kanye's cat charms all that much either.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. The majority of the household finds him irresistable.

Kanye is getting big
A calm, reserved & reflective Kanye relaxes before finding some trouble to get into.

Face Off
Dodge & Kanye face off for a rumble. Kanye is forever pouncing on him.

That's gotta hurt...
Dodge is a good sport. He could easily hurt Kanye but holds back for the most part.

Mr Kanye...
peeking out from his cat condo.

Ellie and Kanye
Playing with his best bud Ellie. No hamsters were harmed obtaining this photo.