Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Idol Madness

Last night I took the girls and Emma's friend Allie up to DC to see the American Idols concert. Emma and I have watched American Idol together for the last 3 years. It's one of our things we do together. Ellie watches on occasion but the show cuts into her bedtime so she watches on a limited basis. This year, Allie and Emma both have cell phones and would text each other a gazillion times during the show. Emma's top choice quickly became Adam Lambert and Allie liked Kris Allen. I preferred Danny Gokey... those glasses are just too cute and his raspy voice was awesome. We had pretty good seats at the concert and it was clear early on that even though Kris Allen was voted in as this year's winner, this crowd was here to see Adam. Every time his photo appeared on the jumbotron, the audience shrieked. Emma convinced her sister to join in with the yells of appreciation for Adam. Allie and I could only cover our ears in fear of rupturing an eardrum.

The concert was good. Lots of different styles of singing but thankfully there was just one or two group songs. I am not a fan of the theatrical style dancing and singing that American Idol is known for when it's group song time. I could handle one or two. After the concert we noticed that in the section next to us, people with backstage 'meet and greet' access were assembling. I thought hmmmm.... how can I get the girls passes. It really wasn't too hard. I saw an important looking gentleman with a kind face walk by and I positioned the girls and asked if there were any extra passes. He was so nice. He told me he had posters. He could get us posters and a key chain but he didn't have any passes. He worked for the Verizon Center and wasn't affiliated with the tour. I told him that was fine that I just had to ask. He came back with merchandise and then told us to wait right where we were, he had a plan. During our wait time, one of the Idols aunts came over to give us a pass. Anoop is a performer on the tour and his aunt had one pass and wanted us to have it. I was so thankful but it was all or nothing for our party of 4. In a few minutes, our night in shining armour returned with 4 backstage passes. The girls were beyond thrilled. That was quite easy. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you unknown, kind faced gentleman for the meet and greet hook-up. I will let the photos tell the story as they always are the best way to go.

Concert Goers
The girls are ready to go. Emma wore blue in her hair in honor of Adam Lambert

Ready to Rock
Miss Ellie is ready to party wearing her AI t-shirt and rock attitude

Check me out!
Look at my cool Adam Lambert shirt!!!

Wooo Hooo
Ellie gets her groove on.

Danny Gokey
Danny was fabulous. He is a genuienly nice guy too. He should have won.
I hope Emma doesn't read this.... hee

Kris Allen, the winner, was very good but not quite as good as....

Adam! The crowd was absolutely crazy for him. Emma said the college girls in front of us almost passed out. Really?

Too funny
I love this shot. Ellie just makes me smile. She is headbanging or vibing or something rock-n-roll related.

I don't think Emma will ever be the same again. She kind of color coordinated with him.

Danny and Ellie
Ellie and Danny - so cute together. :)
Even though in this photo, Danny reminds me of Jimmy Neutron from Nickelodeon.
sssh.... don't tell him I said that.

Allie & Kris
Allie shares the spotlight with her favorite, Kris.

There are more photos of the remaining Idols on my flickr account. We didn't get home until 2am but the girls, especially the older ones, had a night they soon won't forget.