Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Because I am a bit brain challenged from last week's vacation, the loooong drive home (summer traffic on I-95 on a Sunday is totally not fun) and working for way too many hours this week processing orders, I have decided to have a blog update full of fluff. That fluff consisting of some of my favorite things that I have been enjoying over the last 2 weeks. In no particular order...

Aren't these the absolute cutest?
These are Japanese erasers that I found in New England.
The hamster is my favorite.

Steven turned me onto this. It's really yummy and mix in some granola and woo hoo, it's a party in your mouth! It has Bifidus Regularis so you know it is good.


My girlfriend MaryAnn showered me (no pun intended) with all sorts of lavender goodies for my birthday. The above shampoo is fabulous and if we had smello-net you could smell for yourself just how heavenly the lavender soap is. ahhh....

Any trip to the Cape is not complete unless a stop to the Christmas Tree Shops is planned. They have all sorts of cool stuff at great prices. Case in point, this plant stand (that I put together all by myself) was just $20.00. I haven't officially decided where I am going to put it but I really love it!

I bought this print in Chatham at a juried craft festival. It is of a photograph of a local house that has incredible gardens. The artist used a technique called glicee to make it look like it was painted. It will always remind me of our fabulous time in Chatham.


New bookmarks from Tickle Bellies!! I love them and I am adding new design choices this week.
They have been selling really well and I am very happy with them.

Another Birthday present, this one from my girlfriend Laurel. I collect Williraye folkart and this is a great new addition to my collection. I haven't seen my mom yet since my birthday and I know she has presents and I do believe more Williraye awaits me in the future. These chicks are hanging out in my kitchen now. Love them!

A CLEAN and GROOMED Tucker! He came back from the kennel all prettied up and smelling good. Not as good as my lavender soaps but better then when we left before vacation. of my favorite shows returns. Project Runway airs tomorrow at 10pm on Lifetime! "Make it work people...."