Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I ♥ Faces - 'Summer Series'

I ♥ Faces has a new challenge this week. Normally, it's just one photo that they allow you to submit that sums up that weeks theme. This week however, they are looking for a series of photos that tally up your summertime experience. That's tough to do because so many themes are running wild this summer for us. I have to pick a direction to go in so I am portraying a slice of the nature that we have experienced over the last 2 months in our backyard. Enjoy!

Little Chickadee
Early summer and the Chickadees are singing loudly wooing their mates.

Technically, this is not in my backyard but it is down the road at the lake that our neighborhood borders. Close enough in my book.

Garden Crayfish
This is our pet Crayfish. He lives in our garden and comes out at night looking for frogs and bugs.
He is nameless but if he did have a name it would be Clive or Otis or Manuel

Blue Bird Dad
Daddy Bluebird covered in spider webbing brings breakfast for his kids.

Hot Pink
We don't just take photos of birds.

Zebra Swallowtail
a beautiful butterfly came to visit one day.

Mr. Squirrel
Even though we have a love/hate relationship, I thought I would include Mr. Squirrel. His 85 other friends that like to visit too, well, I am drawing the line.

Stopping to smell the flowers
This is the wildest thing I have seen in my yard all summer.
Quick run and take cover! aaa....there's another one on the chair!