Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so... very...sleepy...

I have been a busy worker girl lately. Creating new designs for Tickle Bellies and for Script and Scribble ( I am trying my hand at melamine plates for Script and Scribble this holiday season. SS is the only company I design exclusive pieces for and Lourdes (founder of SS) twisted my arm to do the plates. We are doing a line of the plates using my fun face people. Here is a sneak peek. I think they will be a big hit!

Julie and I have also been busy all week filling orders and brainstorming new ideas to implement on the website as well as some marketing plans for growth. I am excited to have the green light with Ellie's recent cancer free scans to start building the company again. All of this designing and brainstorming has my mind in a puddle by the end of the work day though. One cocktail and I may just fall over.

Ellie's last day of summer school is tomorrow. They are having a big party. Any excuse for a party I guess. Summer school was just 4 hours a day, Monday thru Thursday for 3.5 weeks. But a festive gala at 10am is a wonderful idea and we can all celebrate the 4 weeks of summer that is left before school starts up again in September. Ellie did really enjoy attending summer school though and she learned a lot of math concepts that she needed to grasp. So I am proclaiming that summer school was a success!

I am beat tonight so I am going to let you enjoy this amazing video. I am sure you have all seen it by now. 20 something million people have watched it on youtube but as many times as I have seen it, it still gives me hope and encouragement that if we all just take a step back and breathe and put aside our differences, we can come together. And I so so so love the music and the group dancing just makes me smile from ear to ear. My favorite place on the video is Christmas Island - how cool is that!! A good pick me up, that's for sure.