Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Connecticut ~ Day 3

We were able to sleep in on day three of our trip. Laurel and Tony head off to work pretty early each morning and that allows us have the run of the place. They are such amazing hosts and made sure we had a stocked pantry and fridge with all of our favorite things. Laurel even got us salt water taffy to get us in the mood for our Cape Cod trip in August. Isn't that thoughtful?! There's no better feeling than staying with friends who truly want you to treat their home as your own. So we enjoyed a relaxed morning and then we headed off to see my niece Amanda. She has a sweet little girl named Aerianna. Aerianna is about 14 months old and has the curliest eyelashes I have ever seen. Upon entering Amanda's home, I was shocked by the amount of toys Aerianna has and then there she was, plopped down right in the middle, playing and talking to each one. So cute. This is our second time getting to visit Aerianna and she is really precious. Just look at that face!

You can see her curly eyelashes in this photo and what
truly cracks me up is Emma's face in the background. I have no idea
what she is doing.

I had to go to the car to get something and when I returned,
all three were waiting eagerly by the baby gate.

It was good to see them and we all wish Jeremy, Amanda and baby Aerianna the best of luck and we hope to see them around the holidays. Before we left, the girls noticed a dartboard. It was magnetic so there was no real danger of losing an eye. They are such pranksters, those silly girls.

After our visit we headed to Southington, CT to see our good friends the Kubecks/Vitcavages. They are yet another family we have claimed as our own. Mr. and Mrs. Kubeck have known Steve for most of his life. Keith, their oldest son, and Steve grew up together and were very close.

Keith passed away 12 years ago from liver cancer. It was very sudden and heartbreaking. He was only 30 years old. Stacy, Keith's wife, had their daughter Jessica 6 weeks before I gave birth to Emma. Jessie never got to know her dad. He passed a few weeks before her first birthday. Keith's death was one of our lives biggest sorrows and we miss him and think about him all of the time. Steven was there when he passed and I know he is so grateful to have been present and we know Uncle Keith was another angel that helped Ellie get through her cancer. The Kubecks have always treated Steve like a son and if we don't visit with them while we are in CT, our trip just isn't complete. Emma and Jessica always quickly connect and the two of them are just so beautiful. I was too busy catching up and chatting that I totally forgot to take photos of the two of them together. (kicking myself). Aside from the catching up I was busy watching the TORNADO that was going on outside. It was some wild weather that blew through. It got dark, rainy and then the hail started to fall. A tornado did touch down to the east of us in Wethersfield. Thankfully all the kids were in the basement playing drums and guitar hero so they missed most of the excitement which is probably for the best. Emma tends to freak out during thunder storms.

We were in Southington (left of map)... see all the red.

It was a great night to socialize and to share more of what our lives have been like the last year. Keith's brother Eric and sister Sue and their amazing spouses are so good to talk to. The whole family is just so supportive and we love them all dearly. Spending time with them was one of our trip highlights.

Steve, Ed(Mr. Kubeck) and Eric

Sue and Colleen

Emma and Ellie with Sue and Joe's kids, Andrew and Eddie

The last day of our visit is coming up quickly. We always love to go back home but the time slips by so quickly and we have people and places left unchecked on our list of things we wanted to accomplish. Friends and family have always been important to us but we value things so differently now. Each day needs to mean something and being able to spend quality time is so crucial. There may not be a tomorrow. OK... that sounds way dramatic but you know what I mean.