Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

I made a fantastic spaghetti and meatball dinner tonight (compliments of my mother-in-laws recipe). As I gathered the ingredients, I realized that the only tomato paste can I had had an expiration date of October 2007! I know I don't cook much be geesh that was harsh! Thankfully all of my immediate neighbors do cook more than once every 2 years and I was able to score a new can to complete my delicious masterpiece. I think I am in need of a major pantry clean out. Who knows what is lurking in there.

After dinner Steve and I went for a walk. It's so wonderful that Emma is now old enough and mature enough to watch her sister when we need some time. Just 45 minutes, walking together on a summer night can be so reconnecting for us. I am really grateful we have reached this place in parenthood. Half way through our walk the cell phone rang and Emma asked us to please call when we were 2 minutes away. They had a surprise for us.

When we got home, we learned we were going to be guests at a wedding. The wedding of our daughter Ellie to her beloved Kanye. Emma hit play on the laptop and the wedding march began playing and from the dining room a beautiful bride slowly made her way into the family room. After the service, the bride threw her flowers in the air and danced around. It was a beautiful event. She did marry a cat but we don't have too many boys in our household. We already have the wedding photos back. Please enjoy!

The Bride wore a beautiful floor length gown

The bride, groom and maid of honor/wedding planner

Here she is right before the ceremonial tossing of the bouquet.

Euphoric and proud emotions overflow
after the flowers are thrown

Ellie and Kanye the happy couple

Ellie with the best wedding planner ever, Emma