Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Fun!

We had a very busy but fun weekend. Saturday Ellie went to a birthday party at the Party Fairy Place. It's a retail storefront in town that is all things princesses. The Fairy Godmother was there and she hosted the party. This woman was the perfect Fairy Godmother. She was so kind and reassuring and what a fabulous story teller. There were 12 six year old girls and they were all mesmerized by the tales of fairies and their magic and of the land they were going to soon visit. I was planning on going a few doors down to get a pedicure during the party, but I too was enthralled by the stories so I stayed to experience it all. I brought my camera but forgot my camera card (doh!) so I have no photos. Along with transporting the girls to fairy land, the Fairy Godmother took photos, so I will see them when the birthday girls mom gets them back. Each girl donned a fairy outfit, drank special tea, had their nails painted with sparkles, had candy and cupcakes and made jewelry. All the while surrounded by mushrooms, fairies, unicorns, and a very fun land of imagination. I think Ellie would like to have her party there. She turns 7 in September.

Saturday night we headed to our neighborhood pool for an after hours pool party. It was good to connect with neighbors. I am usually so busy during the week that I don't venture down to the pool too often so I don't get to socialize too much so I enjoy when there are events on the weekends. We have 3 or 4 of these parties each season. I think we will miss the next one in August as we will be on vacation. The girls love to swim at night and the adults can socialize and have a cocktail or two. Definitely a fun time.

Yesterday we headed to Northern Virginia to see Steve's brother Michael and his wife Joann. We always enjoy visiting with them and we were happy to see my niece Meghan make it too. We ate, played hopscotch, put puzzles together, created some serious driveway art and talked about some current events.

Ellie works her hopscotch magic!

Meghan wishes the Olympics would consider hopscotch a sport

Emma and Abby soaking up the rays

After our fun visit we headed here:
I love the Container Store and I always try to go when we are in the area. So many ideas, so many ways to organize, so many it!! I also like to get my IKEA fix in as well but the traffic was horrid so I think I will plan to stop on our way back from vacation in August or make a special weekday trip. It's a 2 hour drive normally but with summer traffic on I-95 that can really be 3 hours. Ellie and I shopped while Steve and Emma hung back in the van and relaxed. We bought lots of cool stuff. I did have my camera card on this trip so here is all the Container Store fun.

so many ways to organize. I am always so inspired.

Emma is in the market for a new desk chair, she has requested one with wheels.
Ellie test drove the red one and gives her approval.

Orange is the new "it" color. It was everywhere.

zebra pattern bags for storage. How cool!

lots of little boxes in lots of fun colors

we ended our day by going next door for a happy meal :)