Friday, June 26, 2009

Connecticut ~ Day One

We have been in Connecticut for the past three days and we are all having a wonderful time. We left Tuesday late morning and on the way we stopped off to visit with Liam's family. We didn't call before hand but I thought it would be OK. I had a feeling a visit from Ellie would make Maria feel better...and it did. She ran to her and as they embraced they both cried. We all cried. Again, it's all bittersweet. We know Liam is in heaven and he is with God but the pain of losing a child is raw, raw emotion. Our hearts are with them and we were grateful to be able to express our condolences in person. Maria gave each girl one of Liam's bead bracelets that he had made and loved so much. We will forever cherish them.

We arrived late Tuesday at our friend's Laurel and Tony's. They live in Windsor, CT in a charming older house that they have renovated. Laurel has fabulous decorating style and each room is warm and inviting. Cottage style that is simple but cozy and very New England. In the girls room, a little gift basket awaited them. Precious. Laurel has 3 cats but these two are new since my last visit.

Benton & Allen - Laurel and Tony's new additions.

Wednesday we had no plans so we just drove by some of our favorite places. We drove through Glastonbury and up Route 66 to Colchester where we bought our first house. The drive is so pretty and I love all of the New England charm and quaintness. I think those are some of the elements we miss the most living in Virginia. Along our drive we spotted so many unique restaurants, flowerstands, and signs soliciting for homemade honey or Adirondack chairs. I love all the beautiful colonial homes, rock walls and land - they have so much land here. We love our little spot in Virginia and I don't think we want to move back but we do have our moments when we consider it. I know Steve thinks about it often and if I gave the go ahead he would go pack his bags in an instant. I just have to remind myself of the cost of living, the snow, and the personal distance that New Englanders place between themselves and their neighbors. We are in such a wonderful place for the girls to grow up and truth be told, New England can be a harder place to raise kids. Our yearly visits will have to sustain us and this way we get to enjoy all the things we love and nothing that we don't. On our drive we visited with one of Steve's good friends Scott. He is a police officer in Portland, CT and Steve and Scott have known each other since 2nd grade. Scott was the best man in our wedding.

Scott, Steve and girls in Portland

We did a drive by of our old house. Your first house as a married couple, it's always a sentimental moment. It looks the same except they added in a large detached garage. We looked lovingly upon the rock wall that Steve built one summer and the big wrap around deck that Steve and my father built the following summer. I am glad that the family that owns it now have cared for it the way they have. After our trip down memory lane we headed through town and stopped for lunch at one of favorite places, Family Pizza in Colchester. The best pizza is made right here and as long as I can get one pie each year, I am happy. It was fabulous. Feast your eyes on this masterpiece of Sausage and onion and cheese. Yum!
I wish we had taste-o-vision so you could take a bite.

We also got dessert... look at this display!

After lunch we headed to Old Saybrook and the water. It was raining on and off so we just drove down to Fenwick to take in all the pretty sights. So without further adue, here is the scenic tour of our day.

beach house in Fenwick ~ Old Saybrook CT

I love the tall birdhouses in gardens. So pretty

Light house at Fenwick

A beautiful field of poppies

A beautiful girl holding those beautiful poppies.

The inlet was full of swans. Dozens of them.

Osprey in the inlet.

View from the Old Saybrook causeway.