Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Heart

This little girl is my heart. I love her so much at times I think I may die. Today on the way to school as we sat in the carpool line, I was being silly and making up my own words to the 'Blame it on the alcohol' song that we were listening to. (Yes, I know, what am I doing listening to that song with Ellie in the car? Let me tell you, Ellie is a music snob now and listens only to popular music. There is no more cutesy Wiggles, Lori Berkner or Dan Zane on her playlist and besides the title to that Jamie Foxx song sounds worse then it really is.) So... I am being silly and Ellie is laughing, laughing so hard and trying to cover up my mouth so I will be quiet. Her laugh envelops me. She is so happy. So full of life. These are the moments that I want to lock away. The carefree spiritedness of a six year old. My six year old. My Ellie.