Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get your paws off my new outlook!

The girls have 2 half days of school left and then we welcome in summer vacation! Well sort of. Ellie will start summer school on June 29th for about 4 weeks. She will go Monday - Thursday for 4 hours. I know it will be huge for her and she really does need it to prepare for first grade after all she has missed out on while in treatment. She loves school so she is super excited.

Emma is thrilled about the end of school. We looked over her grades online last night and she achieved all As and Bs. Math has always been her weak spot and last quarter she slipped quite a bit so I made a deal (in the form of a signed contract) that should she get herself back on the honor roll this grade period, she would be the lucky owner of an Ipod -Touch. The I-Touch is the sister technology to the I-Pod. It's all about multimedia with this sweet little application. I wouldn't mind having one myself. Emma has also been asking for a room re-do since we returned from Memphis. She is eager to leave behind the pretty pink walls and bedding in anticipation of more 'grown up' styles. She would like a black, white and green palette in her room with lots of posters. I am probably going to have to limit the amount of Twilight posters at some point. So, she has a decision to make. New I-Touch or bedroom makeover. I will keep you posted. This week has been odd. The oddness actually started last Thursday when my computer had a tantrum and would not boot up for me. I can roll with the punches with most of life's ups and downs but when my computer acts up and I have to implement work arounds to get things done it puts me a little on edge. Eric, my tech guru, advised not shutting down the PC at all out of fear that additional damage could be done. My system was up and running but something was askew with my email and no connection could be made to send or receive mail. The internet connection was just fine and I was able to get in on my other system so I knew that all my email needed was a reboot. One that didn't just require opening and closing the email program but rebooting the entire system... but I was warned that bad things would be in store for me if I did that. So, of course, I didn't want bad things to happen so I didn't do that.

I limped along all weekend and the early part of this week going back and forth between my two systems. Thankfully, all is right in my tech world once again. The new hard drive has been installed and the old decrepit hard drive was cloned before it died so I did not loose any data at all. Can I get an Amen! I also have started utilizing a new email program. I have always used and loved Outlook Express for all things email. My tech boy told me to get hip and ditch that and use Outlook 2007. I am not really one for change in this area. More of an 'if it aint' broke' type of mentality but I decided to leave my comfort zone and go for it. I had a small learning curve at first but I am now rocking Outlook and am loving it. I encourage all you Outlook Express users to make the switch. Who knew email could be this fun?!

The other oddity of the week involves new kitty Kanye. As you have learned from previous posts he is one crazy little guy, full of energy. On Monday he wasn't so crazy anymore. He spent the day sleeping. Even when I woke him he was lethargic and not too responsive. I knew something was wrong. We made it to the vet office 30 minutes before they closed and was told Kanye had a fever of 105. Normal cat temperature is around 100.5-101.5. Dr. Bill was concerned because within the past 3 days two kittens from the same Humane Shelter that Kanye came from have died. They had a fast spreading GI infection. Thankfully, Kanye did not seem to have an upset stomach. He had been sneezing so we are hopeful that he just has a common upper respiratory infection and the antibiotics he is now on will make him feel better very soon. While he recuperates, he has become a very needy little man. Always begging to be picked up and held. He has this highly irritating squirrel in danger squeak that is beginning to drive me crazy. He just wants to sit on my keyboard and no where else. If I shut my office door he just wails incessantly outside. If this keeps up I am going to need a kitty intervention. I have said it before, It's a good thing he is a cutie.

Tuesday night a band of thunderstorms rolled in. Ellie and I sat outside watching the clouds and lightening approach. We decided to do a little dramatic scene with Ellie pointing in fear at the impending storm of the century. I will leave you with this photo. We have more storms in store for tonight, better get my camera ready.