Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain Showers, Creativity and Blessings

It's been raining all. day. long. I don't mind though. The weather this Spring has been wonderful and we've had more sunshine than rain. The rainy day has kept me inside working. Puddle splashing is not my thing so without the sun and singing birds to distract me, I can actually get some work accomplished.

I have been in design mode in the studio. Every Spring I like to release new designs for Tickle Bellies, my stationery company. Expanding my business with new stores, trade shows and a new product line was placed on hold last Spring. Ellie was diagnosed with brain cancer at the end of April and we spent about 3 weeks in a local hospital while she recovered from 2 brain surgeries. We then went on an extended road trip to the land of the Delta Blue. The amazing facility of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN was where we spent most of the next 7 months. Thankfully while we received this life saving treatment, my business carried on. Run by employees at first and then by the month of August we decided to move Tickle Bellies to Memphis for 5 months and run it ourselves. Nothing new was released in 2008. I don't think I could have designed a thing if I wanted to... I was emotionally tapped out and all our creative energy went to our girls and getting us through this journey in a positive way.

We thank God that Ellie is cancer free. (woo hoo!) It's the biggest blessing of our lives and has changed us so completely. I feel we can finally breathe again and life is falling back into place and therefore I have been designing again. It's good to be creating. I really missed it. Here are some fun new designs I have been working on.

The sun is scheduled to make an appearance for most of the weekend so I hope the pull of gardening, birding and loafing on patio furniture isn't too overwhelming and I can continue to design some more.