Thursday, June 4, 2009

Corruption at Fox Cove Circle

Today started off with a bit of panic. I went into my office and realized my computer had rebooted itself (I usually leave it on all the time) and instead of seeing a happy desktop I saw a black screen of death that announced my system could not be started because my configuration files were damaged or corrupt. I rebooted and couldn't seem to get past that ominous black screen. I went over to my other office PC and googled my error message. It seemed like all wasn't lost and there was some hope for a possible fix. Maybe. If I was lucky.

I quickly called my computer guru Eric for assistance. I do have a back up system in place but because I am Irish and Murphy's Law is always in effect in times like this, my backup space quota was maxed out and the last successful backup was completed 5 days ago. Five days doesn't seem so bad but for me it may well have been 5 months. I have so much new, critical information each day for my business that if lost would be a major, and I mean, major bummer.

Eric was not as reassuring on the phone as I wanted him to be when I told him about the warning message. I was hoping he would tell me that error was common and I had nothing to fear. He just said he'd be over in the afternoon to see what he could do. In the big picture of life things like this are upsetting but because of the last 15 months with Ellie and her cancer journey, I was able to deal with it. If I ended up losing some data I would survive and figure out what to do. So... Eric came over and he was able to get the system back up and running. I was a little worried in the beginning when all he pulled from my hard drive was a graphic from one of my clipart CDs. Thankfully, his fingers started clicking away and in 20 minutes my computer world was loading back up photos, data and everything else. Woo Hoo! Margarita time!

We increased my storage space so backups would continue daily and I sent critical items to my other office PC thru the office network. The diagnosis is that my hard drive is on its last legs. Next week I will have a new one. Eric advised me to not shut down the PC or that black screen may be come back for a visit. Let's hope tonight's thunderstorms do not result in any power outages. Thank you Eric for coming to my rescue today.

Because Kanye is so new to the family line up I have some more photos of him. Dodge is our oldest cat and he and Kanye are the boys of the house. Dodge is old enough to be his grandfather or great grandfather and today as Kanye wanted to play, Dodge showed his age. He couldn't keep up or be bothered with this young whippersnapper. After about 10 minutes of abuse, Dodge, normally quite docile, pinned Kanye and let him know who the alpha male of the house is. Kanye shook it off and bounced on his merry way to ambush Phoebe. Some things in life must be learned the hard way.

The boys bonded for a few minutes while they viewed the outside world of birds and squirrels.

Their camaraderie was short lived when Kanye could not contain himself any longer. The temptation to chew on Dodge's tail was just too powerful.

Twilight 'New Moon' casting is on Kanye's mind as he takes a bite out of Dodge's neck. This was the last straw and resulted in a Kanye smackdown, Dodge style.

How could something so cute cause such trouble?