Monday, June 8, 2009

Cupcakes, Birthdays and Birds

What a fantastic weekend! So much for designing...the girls and the weather were just too strong of a pull. I did get myself up at 6:30 am on Saturday to get some orders out by 1 pm but once that was done, I was not going back into the studio. Instead, we made cupcakes, went to the flower store, bird watched in the backyard, took a spin around the block (Ellie in her Barbie Escalade and me using my two feet) and went to the park for some slide time. That was Saturday afternoon. The cupcakes we made were for my mom. She was celebrating her birthday on Sunday and we were going to visit armed with sweet treats. Ellie helped me make the cupcakes and Emma helped by sampling all the quality product that was coming out of the kitchen.

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I was not overly crazy about these cupcakes. We used our last container of Sprinkles cupcake mix that we had. The flavor was vanilla and the frosting was too. Too much vanilla for my tastes and unfortunately I did not have any bittersweet chocolate to make chocolate frosting. Emma loved them but if I am going to eat a cupcake, I do want to eat some chocolate somewhere in there. I think we will stick with the dark chocolate mix from Sprinkles. Those were the best cupcakes I ever made.

Sunday my mom turned 73. I am sure she will not mind me sharing her age. She has accomplished a lot over those 73 years and she should be proud of herself and her age. We enjoyed a great day at her house and we were so grateful that this year we were all together instead of Ellie and me in Memphis. The girls made grandma cards and I didn't realize until we were done shopping for her gift that she received all bird related items. We got her a new garden flag with bluebirds, a cute little shore bird for her bathroom and a stone welcome sign for her yard that has a Cardinal and the words Welcome. Thank goodness she enjoyed all of it and didn't mind the bird theme. Next year back to Brighton, I promise. Steve grilled up some steak for dinner and Ellie said the prayer before we ate. It was a good day. :)

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Ellie fell asleep in the van on the drive home. The girls watched Space Buddies on the drive up and on the drive home Emma wanted to watch 'Bride Wars' and that's not really Ellie's genre so she opted for a nap. It was so cute to see her zonked out in the way back of the van (her new favorite place to sit) with her shades on. She does have a seat belt on. It doesn't look like it but she does. Honest.

Saturday afternoon I took some bird photos in the yard. I am so honored to have their presence. Whenever I see parents bring their offspring to our feeders, I am so thankful that they trust us, that they can depend on us for a steady food supply and that they choose to visit with us. They are pretty accustomed to me being in the yard so I can get up close and personal. Nature is such a gift from God and I am moved each time I can sit and revel in it all it's beauty.

Baby Red Bellied Woodpecker. He looks to have awkward teenage legs...a bit too big for him to handle.

One of my favorite birds. Black Capped Chickadee.

Another favorite bird that always takes my breath away. The Red Headed Woodpecker is on the decline list in the US so I am grateful that we have a beautiful one that comes by every once in awhile.

An appropriate bird for us, since we are such cat lovers, the Cat Bird makes an appearance Saturday afternoon. They are named due to their cat like sounding call.