Sunday, June 21, 2009

The beach is calling....

Happy Father's Day to all the dads but especially to the father of my girls. Steven is a really great dad. He is the milkshake maker, the swing pusher, the bath giver, the "let's go feed the ducks" guy, the "Sure I'll take you to the pool" guy, the "hey Emma, lets go to a Caps Game" guy, he goes to their sports events, their daisy events and he will give up his laptop and ESPN in a second in exchange for and Hannah Montana. He has patience, is kindhearted and he loves his daughters. The feeling is mutual as both of them claim the title of 'Daddy's little Girl'. I know the past year and a half has taught him so much about what being a dad really means and the thought of losing your child has forever changed him and made him even better. We all love you very much!

Steven and the loves of his life, Ellie and Emma

This weekend has been HOT!! I felt like I needed an oxygen mask yesterday when I went outside. The air was so thick and humid. This is the part of summer that I don't really care for and it makes me daydream about being in a beach chair with sand between my toes, a fruity cocktail in my hand and the sound of waves and seagulls in my ears. We haven't headed to the beach yet this year but we are just days away. Tuesday we leave for a few days in Connecticut. We always love going back home every year in the summertime. There is really no place like New England in the summer and the pull to go is very strong. We have lots of friends and family to visit with but we will take one day just for us. A day that usually starts off in Old Saybrook with breakfast at a favorite diner and then we do the slow crawl along the shoreline stopping in favorite boutiques and landmarks along the way. We spend a good deal of time in Clinton, the town I grew up in. We will go to the beach there and search the tidal pools for crabs and other treasures and then head to the next town, which is one of my most favorite places of all, Madison, CT. Madison is a quaint New England shoreline town. The beaches and homes are beautiful and when we let ourselves dream, we dream of having a summer home there. It's always the perfect day for all of us and we look forward to it every year.

My well read book on Cape Cod that is sitting on the pool towels along with
Ellie's favorite pool friend, Tina the turtle.

I am also planning our August vacation to Cape Cod. I have consulted experts (sister-in-law Darlene and good friend MaryAnn) about where to go and stay and I also bought a book that has been very helpful. It's been 18 years since I have been to Cape Cod and I was at a loss where to go. So far we are staying 2 nights in Yarmouth, 4 nights in Chatham and 3 nights in Eastham. We will visit Martha's Vineyard for shopping and photography of all the beautiful homes and we will head up to Provincetown for more shopping and a whale watch tour. It's going to be wonderful and I hope I can hold out until August. I can hear the seagulls already...

Last night we headed to the pool for a pool party. There was a local band, ice cream and night time swimming. Ellie and Emma loved swimming after dark and I loved that I had a jug filled with frozen margaritas for Steve and I and we could sit and relax while socializing with a ton of neighbors and friends. It was a really good time and reinforced how wonderful it is to be home this summer. We are very blessed and each day is appreciated. Today I am off to buy a new bathing suit. I think I would rather set my toes on fire but it has to be done. Wish me luck.

I will leave you with some morning photos of Princess Ellie and her court jester, Kanye.