Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the yard

Saturday afternoon a beautiful and very ancient looking Eastern Box turtle was making her way back to the creek through a neighbor's side yard. She was cruising at top speed when I caught up to her. I hope she was able to lay her eggs somewhere and that they will hatch and also make their way back to the creek safe and sound. Have I mentioned how I just adore Spring!

Ancient Face
Interesting markings on this turtle. Look at her claws... so prehistoric...and those eyes.

When we spotted the turtle Ellie and I happened to be outside comforting this baby Titmouse that careened into the window. He was fine just needed to chill out for a bit and shake off his dizziness. Ellie spotted him on the ground after he flew into the window and ran to get me because our cat Dodge was also outside. Dodge would have loved to play with this little feather ball I am sure. Ellie was so proud of herself for saving him. She said 'Mommy, I love being a nature girl just like you!' Now we were both beaming with pride.

Baby Titmouse
Where are my parents! No one told me about those window things! Jeesh!