Thursday, May 20, 2010

Backyard Friends...

We have new visitors to our backyard. A Mallard couple have been hanging out by the feeders for the past several days. They eat up all the birdfood that has fallen to the ground and then they head off to the creek for a dip in the water and then they return for naptime in the backyard. I hope they decide to have babies. That would be so very awesome! So love fuzzy little duck babies!

The Mrs. is turning out to be quite bossy and she and I have something in common; our dislike for squirrels. I get so much pleasure in watching her hiss and chase them around. Those squirrels would take right over if it wasn't for someone keeping them in line. If the squirrels were smart they would work in numbers against her. God knows there is an army of squirrels in the backyard on any given day. New recruits were added this week as the baby squirrels have emerged from their nests. Oh Joy! The little guys are kind of cute but there are way too many of them and they have to learn everything the hard way. They are getting into everything. One fell into my big bag of potting soil the other day; they panic at the slightest hint of danger and awkwardly run into each other (seriously I have seen some head on crashes.); and as they say in the south - 'Bless his little heart' - there is one poor little soul that unfortunately did not recieve the memo that we have squirrel resistant feeders. He just keeps falling to the ground below. He gets back up and tries again. Persistant little buggers with just a teeny mix of cuteness for good measure. Hopefully they will win Mrs. Mallard over because at the rate they are going she is going to have snapped off some of their tails by Memorial Day.

She has a certain air about her doesn't she? She is not about to put up with any squirrel nonsense...oh no, not her.

If I could just figure out how to get this lid off - Maybe try number 10,502 will be the charm!

Funny, this doesn't smell like a flower and I sure love mashing my feet all over this fragile plant. Good times - yessiree!