Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweetheart Dance

Last night Ellie and Steve got dressed up and attended the daddy / daughter Sweetheart dance. This is an annual dance that our Girl Scout service unit hosts. Ellie was so excited to dress up in a pretty dress, put on new shoes (and wear a little makeup) and go dance the night away with her biggest fan, her daddy. Moments like these are always so special and distinctive to us because we know just how fortunate and blessed we are that Ellie is here with us and able to go and have an evening like last night. We are always so aware and thankful for it all.

This is my favorite photo. She is so beautiful and happy

Steve and Ellie
Look how adorable they are. Steve is so proud of his little girl

Twirling Girl
Twirling around and around

Ellie and me
Me and my sweet girl :)

Daddy - Daughter Dance
Another favorite photo. Look at those smiles

Dancing with Daddy
Dancing the night away. Ellie's already learned what every woman knows - loose the shoes and kick up your heels!

Singing to Lady Gaga
Singing Lady Gaga with her friends. The DJ was fabulous and all the girls loved the music.

Fathers & their daughters
Daddys and their girls

Woo Hoo!
Ellie and friends toward the end of the evening. They all won stuffed animals.