Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend tidbits


Signing Ellie up this week for Hip Hop class and summer school

Reading 'The Middle Place' by Kelly Corrigan

Tired this Monday from a fun weekend

Thoroughly enjoyed 2 Long Island Ice Teas and 1 Cosmos on before mentioned fun weekend

Laughed, cried and then laughed a whole lot more with good friends Saturday night

Slept in until 10am on Sunday

Almost sat on a grey tree frog that was sleeping under the bench cushion

Grey tree frog then climbed up my arm and peed on me before hopping onto the tree

Bought a cool air hockey table at our neighborhood yardsale Saturday morning

Sat in bed with the laptop reading IPad reviews to see if we should purchase one

Brought Emma back and forth to her friends house 3 times in 2 days

Saw Shrek with the family and love how Steve and I will catch each others eyes as we marvel at the wonders of Ellie being here with us as she sits between us munching on popcorn and giggling

Making mental notes that moments like that are what my life is all about

Realized IMAX is not all its cracked up to be at double the normal movie ticket price

Watched the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice and was glad Bret Michaels won

Proudly watched Ellie signal the start of the St Jude trike-a-thon at her old preschool

Smiled as I watched Emma and Ellie bounce and perform crazy aerobatics in the bounce house at the Goddard School

Enjoyed watching a cute chipmunk forage in the woods on the other side of the creek

Said a prayer for cute chipmunk that Dodge does not eat him

Perused the new Brighton jewelry catalog and saw lots of nice things I would like to have

Spotted an Indigo Bunting in the yard

Got to catch up with a girlfriend on the phone

Watched a quick thunderstorm roll in Sunday night while Ellie and I played basketball

Ate the best blueberry pancakes Sunday morning compliments of Steve

Ate the best grilled cheeseburger Sunday night compliments of Steve

Watched two hummingbirds sip from the Texas Sage and said a silent wish that they stay here for the summer

Told myself that the back garden was looking the best it has in the last 5 years which makes me very happy

Humbled and appreciating all of it and of course thanking God each day