Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relaxed and Happy

We arrived in Richmond around midnight last night from Memphis. The flight was bumpy but we met a new friend on the plane and I enjoyed a great conversation with this older woman who was battling cancer herself. Ellie did some stargazing for a little while out her window and then fell asleep and thankfully slept through the turbulence. She would have just enjoyed the ride anyway instead of like me hoping and praying for us not to drop out of the sky into a field or river thousands of feet below. Prayers were answered yet again and the plane wheels touched down and delivered us safely to the gate. Speaking of answered prayers... I am sure all of you know by now that Ellie had CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL, FREE OF CANCER scans!! Steve and I were so relieved and I feel more excited about the upcoming summer months now. We understand she is in God's hands at this point and there isn't much we can do but it certainly is wonderful to hear the good news from Dr. Gajjar and the relief in knowing we don't have to think about this for another three months is fabulous. Yahoo!

I awoke to dreary skies and cooler than average weather this morning - perfect for sleeping in late. We allowed Emma to stay home today since she was out late picking us up and we all slept in to at least 9am. Our St. Jude trip was great but they are always emotionally draining so it felt great to be in my own bed with no pressures to get moving early.

This weekend the weather is supposed to be very nice with warm sunny skies so we are looking forward to getting out in the garden. I think big piles of mulch are in our future. I took a little inventory stroll this morning of the gardens and the Peony bushes were assaulted with pouring rain and wind yesterday so they are looking quite beat down. Don't know if they can recover. There were big branches and pine cones all over so the thunderstorms yesterday must have been pretty impressive. The deer nibbled down 4 of my Astilbe plants to a quarter of their size. There are blooms all over my Texas sage. The clover is trying to get an edge on me in the front garden. I pulled out all their little roots this's a never ending battle with these guys. The catmint is all abloom and looks lovely. All the container plants are doing well and I am eager to add a few more containers this weekend. My favorite new plants are Zinnias. I know they are not new but I don't recall using them before and this year I am loving them!

I didn't take too many photos at all on our 4 day trip to Memphis. I did take a few though...

Dr. B
We saw Dr. Bihkazi in the cafeteria on our last morning. He was getting his breakfast and helped Ellie make her wheat toast. After we parted ways and Ellie was eating her toast she told me it was her 'Love Toast'. So cute this crush she has on him. (I think I have one too)

Sending Love
Ellie and I did some arts and crafts in between appointments. This is a clay heart we made.

Ellie and Alejandro
Ellie and her buddy Alejandro. He is a fire cracker and so very cute. He has relapsed with Medulloblastoma (brain cancer) but will be on a new protocol that has a lot of promise. Best of luck little guy!

Monday night we headed over to the Dooners to catch up. They are our Memphis family and we just adore them all!