Saturday, May 8, 2010

The outdoor scene

I am so busy working this week getting all orders out the door so I can go to St. Jude tomorrow with a clear work conscious. We were suppose to be at St. Jude for 5 days but I think I may have managed to shift things around and cut it back to three and a half. That would be wonderful! I took a work break the other morning and enjoyed an outdoor stroll to take some photos. The gardens are looking good and my clematis, well, somehow it got hold of some growth hormone and is growing out of control. I think it needs one of those big arbor trellis things... it has already run out of room for climbing and wrapping and twisting it's tendrils. I will have to get a photo soon.

Please say a prayer (or two) for Ellie's visit to St. Jude and that she has good news and remains cancer free! Thanks :)

Peony Bush
The Peony bushes are blooming. So love them and these big, heavy beautiful blooms

The Peony blooms do not last long enough. Two weeks is not enough time!

Front garden
This is part of the front garden. Only perennials and it is looking really full already this year. The sun was not my friend on the other side so I couldn't get a decent pic of it all. I will do that soon.

Wave Petuina
Purple wave Petunia... gotta love them and how easy they are to care for.

Patio View
View of the patio from the side deck. I can sit here for hours with a drink, a magazine and my binoculars to check out all the wonderful things in the yard. Definitely my happy place!