Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snapshots from the weekend

Mama Robin
We have nesting Robins in our River Birch Tree. The momma was busy all weekend keeping three bellies full .

Baby Robins
They aren't the cutest things but I am sure glad they nested in our tree.

Backyard Swingtime!
Ellie enjoyed some swingtime Saturday afternoon.

Ellie Amy Emma
Emma spent the night at her friends and then the next night her girlfriend stayed over our house. I didn't see much of Emma all weekend.. (they just woke up in this photo which was late morning because as you can see, Ellie is already dressed and ready to start her day)

Corn... it's what's for dinner!
CORN! It's whats for dinner!

Perfect way to spend
Binoculars to watch who is at the feeders, great magazines, some lemonade and a few hours on the screened in porch....heaven!

Newly planted orange Zinnia and hot pink verbena - love it!

Big Bloomin' Clematis
This Clematis is 7 years old and has lived in Maryland and Virginia. It's the tallest it has ever been this season and loaded with blooms

MULCH! Steve picked up the truck and a load of mulch. Always smells good and helps keep the flowers moist.

Back garden
Back garden after the mulch was spread

Ellie went to her schools spring carnival earlier in the day and in this photo she is chillin' out and munching out on some M&Ms and showing off her face painting.

Saturday night Steve and I took a walk down to the lake. Perfect night to watch the dragonflies, otters and soak in the amazing aroma of the Honeysuckle.

Any bugs up here?
This little guy was on the family room window Saturday night...

How do you do?
Sunday Ellie and I headed to the garden store on our way to visit grandma. She posed with this cute little frog.

Gnomes were everywhere
Gnomes are the biggest trend this season. They were everywhere.

Rows of Color
Look at all those colors. So love Springtime flowers!