Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A night with Imogen

Emma and I headed to the shore Sunday afternoon to see one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters - the fabulous Imogen Heap. I first heard Imogen about 8 years ago on, of all things, the Shrek soundtrack. She covered the song 'Holding out for a Hero' that Bonnie Tyler sang back in the 80s. I just couldn't shake the sweet and unique sound of her voice so I followed up and purchased some of her music. I was in love. Sweet and melodic but edgy and alternative all wrapped into one talented artist. Her lyrics were mesmerizing and some of the songs I felt I truly could have written myself.

Music is so essential and necessary in my life. I cannot believe there are some people that do not listen to music on a regular basis. Any kind of music is fine - whatever moves you. My ipod is usually streaming in my office or I am trying out some new internet radio station that I just 'happened' upon. There is nothing like a music high when you are listening to something that really moves you, speaks to you.

So the concert was incredible. I took Emma because she is 13 now and old enough to start her concert life. She can start expanding out and seeing and experiencing art forms in a new manner. She loves music too - always has her headphones on. The venue was super small, standing room only for the most part. It was dark and there was a variety of people to take in. A good crowd just waiting to be inspired and show appreciation for the stylings of a multi-talented artist. Imogen was so beautiful and quirky and full of British sweetness. She rambled to herself and to us as she moved from various electronic stations to perform her art. She was quite funny, very endearing, sweet, gracious and down to earth. On top of all that, seeing her perform live was amazing. It's hard to describe really how she performs. She records backing tracks right on stage, loops them, records another sound and loops that and then sings and plays piano on top of that. It was really genius and cool to watch. I cannot wait to see her the next time she tours.

Concert Girls
Emmy & me at the concert

Norva - Norfolk VA
The Norva in Norfolk VA. A very cool venue... and look there's a mermaid! Ellie loves mermaids.

Eclectic at its best
Immi was beautiful and so gracious.
I love how 'messy' she looks.

Imogen Heap
That is one cool piano and she plays it beautifully.

Imogen Heap Concert
She had sparkly pants that Emma just loved.

Imogen Heap
A very engaging performance... plus she sang many of my favs.

Imogen Heap Concert
There were 2 violin players that were incredible too.
Now go and download some of her music... you won't be disappointed!