Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dip in the pool

It's been hotter than 'H E double hockeysticks' lately so last night the girls and I went to cool off in the pool. Today is hitting the 100 degree mark so we are all staying in the cool air conditioned house while we get our last minute things done before our vacation starts. Here are some photos from the pool.

Relaxing and watching the girls swim. ahhhh....

Me and Ellie
Me and Ellie. The water was so warmed by the hot sun all day that it was more like a heated pool... still refreshing though.

Blue Eyed Ellie
Sweet Ellie

Emma and the noodle
Emma so did not want her photo taken... I had to bribe her with new clothing... oi vhey!

It's Summer Time
flip flops are our shoe of choice in the summer

Pool Flag
Summertime flags hanging from the clubhouse

Toweling off. :)