Monday, June 14, 2010

baby teeth and lobsters

Today begins the last day of the final school week for the girls. I will be glad to be on summer break - sleeping in, no homework, no stress....ok... stress will be in its place but I am still looking forward to it. Tomorrow Ellie will miss school so she can have two teeth extracted. She has some crowding and two baby teeth that should have been pushed out of the way seem to be staying so we will remove them tomorrow. She has to be sedated by an anesthesiologist. No longer do they numb up little mouths with novacaine and pull teeth. They want the child to have a positive dental experience and if they are sedated then they likely will not remember or be scared. This method is suppose to encourage a good relationship with the dentist and only happy memories thus ensuring future visits to the dentist. (who are they really kidding!) I'm all for that but unfortunately my dental insurance is not. $275.00 is my cost to have a visit from the anesthesiologist and unfortunately it's not a choice - this is the only way her dentist will do this procedure. I remember being a kid, all novacained up and ready with my fingers in a death grip around the arm of the chair, in a panic waiting to have my tooth pulled. My dentist back then didn't even wear gloves or a face mask and he had super long and really gross nose hair that I couldn't stop staring at. Yea- I guess not remembering would have been a good idea.

The weather here has been HOT and HUMID! I took Ellie to the pool yesterday. Her third time this season, my first. Emma was already there soaking up the rays with a girlfriend. I brought my new book, a cold diet coke and I found a comfy chair with an umbrella. I had a perfect line of sight of Ellie and her friends so I could make sure she was above the water and not below. A quick dip in the pool to cool off and I was ready to read... er... change of plans. A neighbor that I haven't talked to in a while was coming in too and she was ready to catch up. She had lots of stories to tell me about what was going on with her teenage daughter and some of it was intense so I felt compelled to stay and listen. When we finished an hour later, I realized I did not do the best job of sunscreening myself for this full on hour of sun. So today I am a little lobster-esque. I haven't been sunburned in a while and I forgot how much fun it is. Summer's here!!

taylorellieEllie and her friend having fun in the pool.

Emma & her friend at the pool. They didn't really want their photo taken... hee...oh well.