Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dog Days of Summer


What happened? It's June 16th already? Spring is gone - although not officially - but sadly, it is. We have been having August like weather here in central Virginia. Many days in the 90s and they have been rather steamy and thick too. So I am proclaiming that the dog days of summer have arrived. I even have a photo to prove it.

Our dog Tucker spends less and less time outside, favoring being inside enjoying the cool air. When he is out for some tennis ball time or a walk around the block he is on major panting overload. His whole body heaving for air. Yesterday and today aren't as brutal and I even worked in the garden this morning cutting back Clematis and doing some weeding. The flowers already look spent and droopy after the last few days of humid air. Hopefully all the trimming and deadheading will force new growth and give them a lift.

Today is the girls last full day of school. Ellie has beach day today (at school, not the beach - although we do so very badly need a real beach day). She had two baby teeth removed yesterday and she did just great. Her little lopsided grin warms my heart. She woke me up at 4:30 this morning to inform me that the Tooth Fairy made an appearance and to squish into my bed. Steve is away on business so I was more than happy to have the cuddle time. So, two more half days and they are officially on summer break. I think I will need to bake some cookies in celebration. Friday we will take them to see Toy Story 3 and then maybe a trip up to the mountains for the weekend. I always get so itchy to go on road trips when school ends. Time to make those fun memories. Bring it on Summer - we're ready and willing - just turn down the heat a little OK? Thanks!