Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the father of my girls. Steven is a really wonderful dad and his girls love him to pieces! Hope my own dad is enjoying today up in heaven but I am sure everyday up there is enjoyable.

Today has been rather low key. I think the thermometer reached the official bagillion degree mark today. Due to all the heat and humidity we decided not to go up to the mountains like we had thought about doing earlier in the week. Officially I think we hit 97 but it may as well be a bagillion degrees. So this morning we let daddy sleep in and relax all day. He's actually out for a walk right now - yeah - I know, didn't I just tell you it is a bagillion degrees! Have heat stroke on Father's Day why don't you! If we aren't in the ER getting re hydrated tonight we will enjoy a dinner of grilled steak, shrimp, baked potatoes and corn on the cob and afterward I think we will head out for some ice cream.

Yesterday we took Ellie to see Toy Story 3. Such a fabulous movie that had me tearing up at the end. Toy Story 2 was the very first movie Emma went to see in the movie theater. She had just turned three and we went to the cinemas in East Hartford, CT. Good memories! It definitely was a long wait in between these sequels but well worth it. Last night we went to a neighborhood pool party. There was a live local band playing and here and there they would insert some obnoxious Obama wisecracks while singing. Totally annoyed us and it was so inappropriate and really pointless. I felt like saying something but I took the high road and let it go. They ended one song with 'Hey Barack - go clean up that oil spill'. Huh? And can you tell me what you have done to help out? Definitely made us leave early. Other than that - it was a delightful evening.

Here are some photos from today of the girls enjoying this lazy Father's Day...

Sunday Afternoon
Ellie getting her painting groove on with some water colors.

Sunday Surfing
...and here is Emma in the family room watching Justin Bieber videos.