Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine treats for ellie's teachers

Ellie and I made Valentine gifts for her 4 core teachers today. She has been blessed with fabulous teachers and I so love love love her main teacher and her reading specialist. They feel the same about Ellie and she is having a really great year academically thanks to them. I feel she is making good progress from all the time she missed when she was in treatment and it warms my heart to receive her progress reports this year.

So, we took mason jars and filled them with Hershey Kisses and topped them off with a big Reese's chocolate heart. We then tied ribbon with a cute Valentine gift card - we thought they were adorable.

Ellie is working on her class Valentine's tonight and tomorrow. Oh what fun to be 8!

Valentine Day Treats
we had fun filling the jars and making the cards

next time I will place two hole punches and thread the ribbon through better.

Top of the jar
Top of the mason jars.