Tuesday, February 22, 2011

girls weekend in boston

STILL recovering from my long weekend visiting my high school girlfriends. This time we met up in Natick, Massachusetts where my girlfriend Linda lives with her husband and two boys. I normally don't make it to these get togethers because I live so far away but surprisingly, a direct flight from Richmond to Boston was rather affordable, so off I went. It was a weekend of laughing, drinking, eating, shopping, dancing, more drinking, and lots and lots of belly laughing. I don't know what it is about these girls but they definitely encourage the out of control 'fun' side of me.

While waiting for the other girls to drive up from Connecticut, Linda took me to Concord, MA to do some real New England shopping. It was just what I needed and one shop took my breath away. It was called Nesting and it was all bird inspired with folk artsy flair. Boy I wish we had shops like this in Richmond. I really could have spent all day there. I did snap a few photos for your viewing pleasure. I am looking forward to our visit to Cape Cod this summer so I can do more shopping like this. The shop owner told me to drive down Route 6A for all the really good shopping...I so cannot wait until July!

So I am back to work today, girls are in school, the warm weather has disappeared (it was 73 yesterday and now it is in the 30s) and Steve is off to Nashville for work. I love being back on a routine. It would be nice if it was a bit warmer though...just sayin'.

my wonderful girlfriends - we have been friends for so long.

getting ready to go to the bell in hand pub in downtown boston.

lots of spirits were enjoyed over the weekend...

...as well as lots of good food. mindi and linda are fabulous cooks!

downtown concord mass on a warm winter day (it was in the 50s)

sampling of the store - nesting.

this the nest and eggs I bought. heart this!

leaving the snow of mass and heading to the green grass of virginia

flying over the delmarva penisula - heading home