Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hello sunshine!

Today was a fabulous sneak peek into Spring! 66 degrees and sunny. It was rather windy but it was so nice to have the back door open again and not lug around a big coat and mittens and hurry into the car because it's cold and turn on the fireplace to stay toasty and it was nice not to curse old man winter for a change. I feel horrible for the majority of the country that had the exact opposite weather today but oh well, I will get over it. Especially if I am wearing flip flops!

So today, as I mentioned, I was able to throw open the porch doors and let the sun shine in. The cats were thrilled to roll in a sun spot and to hear the birds sing happy tunes. I offer up their happy annoyed faces below.

Kanye doesn't really have a happy face here but trust me, he was overjoyed about being on the porch without the cold. He was up on his cat ledge and loving life.

Phoebe, content as always, was extra jazzed to be out smelling all the goodness

Charlotte who usually has a less than pleasant disposition, was a bit cheery once she found a sunspot to park herself in. (she does look thrilled doesn't she?)