Friday, February 4, 2011

goodies in the mail

A few months ago I purchased a discounted gift voucher for a company called Bungalow. They sell cute tote bags and bins in really lively patterns and colors. I thought they were super cute. Visions of using the voucher for a girlfriends Christmas present swirled in my head. Well, I forgot about the voucher and it was too late for Christmas gift giving when I stumbled across the email with my giftcode. Finally, this week, I ordered some goodies for me and the girls and today they came in the mail. They are even cuter than the website portrays them to be. So nice to have a flash of bright color on this dreary rainy day. Don't you just love them?

I purchased a pool tote that is waterproof and very roomy, a cool lunch sack for Emma and a magazine holder that will fit in perfectly in my office for holding papers. they are so colorful.

loving this hot pink pattern

close-up of the beach/pool tote

surprise! free flip flops were in my box too! woo hoo!