Friday, February 11, 2011

fun in the studio

Ellie is always in the studio with me. She is either on the computer playing Club Penguin or coloring, gluing, or glittering something artistic. She parades the cats in here, works on homework, watches TV, stollers in her dolls and whatever else she may want me to see. We put the music on and dance til we cannot stand anymore and then we crack up laughing. So many good memories of fun times in here.

However, I have a love/hate relationship with having my space invaded on a regular basis. There are often cookie crumbs on my work table, a grabage can overflowing with juice boxes, little fingerprints on my spare computer monitor and little teeny tiny cut out pieces of paper littering the floor. Somedays I want to post a DO NOT ENTER / OFF LIMITS sign on the door that only allows access to me. But as soon as I cast her out, I invite her back in. I love having her around me all the time. Sitting on glue or cleaning off the monitor for a second time in a day is a small price to pay. These days will be gone before I know it so I have to breathe deep and open up the door and let the good times in and they are good great times!

The other day while I was working on some designs, Ellie was playing with my little monsters and erasers. She loves them. Making up stories and having them make friends with each other chatting in different voices. So cute. On this night they were acrobats in a circus.

Monster Collage