Monday, February 7, 2011

spring is coming...

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I took a walk to the lake and brought along the camera. There were lots of ducks and geese soaking up the sun and I even heard the familar splash of a sunning turtle sinking back into the water as I walked by. The geese were extremely vocal - honking and honking (and honking). Perhaps getting into the baby making mood and finding mates for spring. It was wonderful to get out into the fresh air and sit and enjoy nature for a bit. I am officially ready for spring...ticking down the days.

loved seeing this bended tree in the woods framing the path

berries berries berries

Bird seed
I left a valentine treat for the birds on a picnic table by the lake.

thanks for the seed
I also lined the long bridge with seed. upon my return, this little guy was nosching away

Ring Necked Duck
a lone ring-necked duck flew in while I was walking. so pretty

fly by
geese flying over ruddy, buffle head and ring necked ducks.

2 geese
honk honk honk

Great Day
great day for a walk. breathing it in...