Friday, February 25, 2011

random photos & thoughts

The other night while watching American Idol, Ellie says to me referencing Jennifer Lopez.... "I really like Jennifer wait...George Lopez... what's her name again?"

Emma and her cousin Karen were having a heated debate via Facebook about Justin Bieber. Emma was mad at Karen's comments so Karen said to her "Come on Emma, blood is thicker than Bieber."

Steve called me from Nashville last night all excited because Tornado warnings were sounding outside. He was out standing on the balcony when he called me.

At the get togther with my girlfriends last weekend, it was lightening outside {in the winter - in New England} but because we were deep in conversation and slightly intoxicated my friend Linda kept saying - "Is someone out there taking our photo?"

Here are some random photos to go along with today's random insights.

Mice in the feed
Aren't these two precious... found them in the bird food one morning.

Fat Phoebe
Phoebe is so chubby that she bird watches lying down.

Ellie Valentine's Cards
Ellie's Valentine's for her class

Phoebe and Dodge share a snuggle in the sunspot.