Monday, July 26, 2010

Treasured Photos

My mom had a bunch of slides that she had found recently so she asked if we could convert them to photographs for her. They were slides my dad took back in the early 60's. We had them transfered and were happy to find lots of great photos of my mom and dad, brothers and great grandparents and grandparents from over 40 years ago. Sadly, my dad, brother, grandparents and uncle are no longer with us. I am so cherishing these little glimpses into my family life 10 years prior to my arrival on the scene.

This is my dad. He must have been in his mid twenties. So laughing at the wallpaper in the room and what looks like a Hollister shirt from back in the day.

My parents are a new couple in this photo. Aren't they adorable?

These are my great-grandparents. I remember my Nanny but my 'old' poppy as he was referred to, I do not recall at all. My Grandma Dot, who is one of the loves of my life, is in the background looking hot in her mink jacket. This was taken in New Haven CT

My brothers Joe and Michael... look how my mom dressed them! They look like little pimps or wiseguys or something and to top it all off, Michael is wearing BRIGHT BLUE shoes...what is up with that?

My mom is pregnant in this photo with my brother Michael. I wish she was looking at the camera. Dad is looking sexy with that skinny tie!

My grandparents owned an Irish pub in New Haven, Connecticut. My dad would tend bar there...I wonder if he ever wore this outfit that the guy in front has on.

My great-grandmother Carrie and my Grandma Dot and her son, my uncle Mike, sitting around drinking tea. I remember playing lots of keeno around this table when I was about 4 or 5.