Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Day for a Cool Treat


Look how hot it is out there. Can't you see it? OK, well I guess it's kind of hard to tell from this photo but trust me it is way toasty out there. We are staying cool by remaining inside for the most part. I do have to run out every few hours to put ice water in the bird bath and water all the container plants because by noontime they are sucked dry from their 8am watering. They really don't look like they have been sitting in 102 degree weather for a week though so it is worth hauling the watering can around for 20 minutes. Also, my feathered friends are very happy with my bird bath water replenishing service. They need fresh cool water on days like today. I think a Mourning Dove smiled at me this afternoon when I put some ice cubes in his bath.

We decided to make rice krispie treats while we were looking for something fun to do while keeping cool. I have never made them (I know - what a shocker) but there are only 3 ingredients and I am all about simple when it comes to projects in the kitchen. They didn't quite taste like the store bought ones - mine didn't seem to be as compact but they were still yummy. Of course my assistant Ellie did what she does best and assisted me.

American classic...yum!

Marshmellows and melted butter

Ellie stirs it all up

Add in the cereal and put it in the pan to cool.

Add frosting and sprinkles and enjoy!