Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Glimpse...

Emma is away for the weekend visiting with my mom. So on Thursday Ellie and I decided to 'straighten' up her room. We really just dusted, vacuumed and organized some of the chaos clutter. She definitely has a mutant gene somewhere growing in her body that she inherited from her father that allows her to look past the messiness in her room and not care. At. All. One. Bit. Totally something that would have made me nuts at her age. I was basically an undiagnosed OCD kid growing up. No, not really that severe at all but I did like everything 'just so'. I remember whenever my girlfriend Barbara would come over and she would be in my room picking up everything and then putting it down in all the wrong places, it would just make me start hyperventilating... well, that's what she would say anyway. She always would just laugh and say "I am going to move something...I am touching this..." I don't know why I stayed her friend. She was so cruel, oh, and may I add in that she was quite unorganized and messy! (hope you're reading this Barb!) I am still neat and tidy and I can visualize where I have put things because normally they are always in the same spot so when Steve looses his keys or Emma looses her phone I just chuckle and remind myself what a blessing it is to be like me. Oh, by the way, Ellie is a carbon copy of me. love that!

Because Emma's room was a bit neater I decided to take a few random photos to remember her at this age. She is going to be 14 in the Fall and her tastes are always changing. At this moment she loves Justin Bieber, Twilight, makeup, technology, sleeping in, Twitter and Facebook, lamenting daily over the fact that she should have an IPhone and that we are evil parents for not buying her one, hoarding snacks and water under her bed, drawing hearts and peace signs on everything including her body, little monster animals and her big pink soft blanket from pottery barn. For risk of overstepping my parental boundaries I will end the list right there as to not share too much. I am sad she is growing up so quickly. Although she spends more time on the messy side of the street, she is a wonderful daughter that makes me laugh and I am very proud of her.

This I didn't touch other than putting Minnie on the bed. She actually made her bed before heading to Grandmas.

Last Summer we saw the Idols tour and visited with them backstage. They all signed Emma's poster. She really loved Adam Lambert and she still does but not as much anymore... See how quickly it changes...

A typical teenage girl at heart.

Twilight and Justin Bieber adorn the walls.
Steven got the volvo poster when we purchased our new SUV. (Didn't they used to give cash back incentives instead?)

A little corner of her bookcase. Twilight books and stuffed animals and an energy bar. I am always finding food in her room. When you hear about a house that was taken over by ants, it will be us.

Ending with this little gem. No further comment...