Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November already!!

Trick or Treat
ellie and friends trick or treat!
She was a beautiful butterfly

Halloween 2009 has come and gone. Ellie had a blast and loved running from house to house with her friends. So much better than being stuck within the St. Jude Hospital walls this year. We had a fun time last year but this was so much better. No Hickman lines, masks, low counts or chemo to have to contend with. Just carefree fun with the biggest worry being about that dark house with the creepy man dressed in black. I'll take that any day over the other!

Today has been raining all day and is on the cold side. The perfect day after Halloween day. Steve brought me in some hot cider when I started writing this and it has hit the spot. I love days like this. I have a very busy work week ahead of me and the girls have two days off of school at the beginning of this week. Fingers crossed they (Ellie really) will find lots of things to do so I can work without too much interruption. I think a video store trip will be in order tomorrow morning.

The other issue Steve and I are wrestling with is the H1N1 vaccine. Ellie is considered to be in the high risk category even though her immune system is really back in full effect now. Dr. Gajjar gave us the standard hospital reply regarding being immunized but he gave me the feeling that he wouldn't do it. Ellie has had so many chemicals in her body from chemo and the newness of this vaccine and everything scares me. Our household is one of only a handful that I know of that has not been hit by flu. It's all around us, in school, in workplaces and in the hospital. Luckily Steve and I don't have to deal too much with public spaces but the girls are in school. They certainly are wise about sanitizing and washing their hands often but am I kidding myself to think this won't affect us. I am praying on the right answer but just not sure what to do. The vaccine should be available at our pediatricians this week. Hoping for some insight soon so I can feel comfortable with our decision whatever it may be.