Friday, November 13, 2009

almost there...

Why does one week of being sick really feel like it could be two or three? I feel like I lost time this week and I am out of sorts. The inactivity that sickness brings to me is the worst part. I hate not being on a schedule.

Thank God we are all getting better. The general feeling of not being 100% has lingered refusing to release its grip this week. Wednesday night I was restless so I turned on the TV and watched Nightline. Ellie was sleeping soundly next to me, tissues and gingerale on the other side of me and on the television were two seemingly heathly men lying in Boston hospital beds, ventilators in place breathing for them as they fight for life. They were taken ill with the H1N1 virus when it quickly went straight to their lungs, causing havoc in their bodies. The numbers for flu are rising and it's so random at times with how it affects people. I am glad the girls are vaccinated and now I am thinking that Steve and I should consider it. It's not good to watch TV shows like this when you yourself feel horrible. The next thoughts that went through my mind were that in a day or two I could be lying in that hospital bed. I decided to go pay my general doctor a visit the next day. She said it appears to be common and widespread. I got it from Emma but it didn't turn into flu like she had but she believes what was viral turned to bacteria and is settling in my chest. So I have some antibiotics and I am feeling better. Ellie still has her hives a bit but that too is improving and I will probably send her back to school Monday.

I haven't taken photos in about a week. My camera is lonely and misses me so hopefully when the sun reappears this weekend I will go on a little walk, camera in hand. Until then... I saw these adorable little turkey cake lollipops on Thought I would share them. The directions can be found in detail on the Bakerella website.

gobble gobble gobble...aren't they adorable with their candy corn feathers?