Thursday, November 5, 2009

the november invasion

On my last post I expressed our concern regarding the H1N1 vaccine...should we or shouldn't we. I was hoping I would get a sign or something would make me feel peace about the decision. The girls had this Monday and Tuesday off for teacher workshops so on Monday afternoon when Ellie's school nurse called I was curious. I always panic when I see her number on the caller ID when Ellie is at school. The words 'your daughter has had a seizure' always fill my mind. I received that exact phone call last February only a few weeks after Ellie returned to school full time. I so don't want to have anymore of those types of calls. Anyway, Ellie was seizure free and by my side on Monday so I knew she wasn't calling about that...she was calling to let us in on a little secret. She got word that the health department was offering H1N1 vaccines until 4pm that day. The media hadn't gotten the news out yet and when she checked there was hardly any wait time. The vaccines were just available for kids and pregnant women. I figured this was my 'sign' to get the vaccines. The nurse called out of the blue and just thought of Ellie when she heard about the clinic. So Steve and I decided to do it.

Unfortunately, Emma was already sick. She had a fever and just wasn't feeling great. Ellie felt fine. So off they went and they were back within the hour all vaccinated. The clinic was held the next day too but this time the word was out and people lined up at 7:30 waiting for the noon start time and over 1000 people showed up. So, so, so glad we didn't have any line to wait in and now it is finished. Emma does have the flu but it hasn't been horrible. She has had a fever ranging from 99.9-102 and is tired. She also is coughing a lot and has a sore throat. She will be out of school all week but she has turned the corner today and feels better. The rest of us are doing fine but this morning Ellie started coughing a bit. No fever but I am keeping her home. The vaccine takes 8-10 days to build antibodies so I hope we weren't too late. The flu has hit so early this year and the vaccine was a bit on the late side. Here's to hoping Ellie just has a cough.

So in the mix of processing orders today I will be heading to Blockbuster and Burger King and answering Emma's texts (the new sick bell) and taking care of all of Ellie's many 'Hey Mom' questions and concerns. Steve snuck out of here quickly this man.