Friday, October 2, 2009

Whatcha reading?

My girlfriend Carol and I have been walking every morning this week at 6am and logging in at least 3-4 miles each day. Over the last few weeks I have noticed I was more tired than I should be. I don't have to be a rocket scientist to know this is a direct result from my lack of exercise. Definitely time to get an exercise schedule in place. I have a very flexible schedule during the day but the idea of going off to the gym on my own does not seem too appealing and I know I wouldn't do it regularly. The only way I am going to exercise is if it is the first thing I do each day. So this walking regime is now in place Monday - Friday from 6 to 7am. It hasn't been too chilly yet for me not to want to get out of bed but I am so not a morning person and making the transition from cozy in bed to standing up is probably the hardest 5 minutes of my day, Of course once I am out the door I am happy to be up and moving. I hope to see a steady rise in energy over the next few weeks.

I am currently reading two books that I am going to endorse with my coveted seal of approval. I am not a huge reader because I never have too much free time just for me. After working all day on a computer I am usually brain dead by evening and all I really want to do is watch a mindless TV show plus I am a slow reader. I started 'Belong To Me' in August and I am almost finished. It's a great book about women and their relationships and what makes us tick. It's definitely a good read and when I get into it, I hate to put it down. The other book makes me laugh out loud and I bought it on a whim last week while getting a birthday gift for a friend at the bookstore. It's the Kathy Griffin memoir.

I have been a Kathy Griffin fan for some time now and overall I find her to be hilarious. Sometimes she pushes the boundaries and goes too far for my tastes but on the whole she makes me laugh. So I saw the book sitting next to the new Dan Brown book (that is next on my list of must haves) and I picked it up to read through a little bit. It was really good and flowed well and I was giggling as I stood there reading so I just had to buy it. I am only a few chapters in but it's so interesting all the 'dues' Kathy had to pay before getting her big break. She was definitely dedicated to her craft and learning the ropes. The writing is just like her talking so it jumps around sometimes but it is definitely funny. Just my two cents on what I am reading and what I like should you be looking for a new book. What else is going on with the other household readers, Emma is reading some new vampire novel that she likes (the Twilight series has changed her forever) and little Ellie has been reading all of the phonic based books. She is making some good headway and I am hoping that the reading light bulb gets turned on soon. Steve, well, hockey season started yesterday so I am sure we will be seeing very little of him as he is glued to every game and I am sure all he will be reading is game highlights on