Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Enjoying

We are back from St. Jude and Ellie's scans, thank God, went well! It is such a nail biting, stressful time where I totally feel like Ellie's life hangs in the balance on what the MRI results are. I have said before how horrible this cancer is and should it ever come back, there is little that can be done to cure her. Relapses, for lack of a better word, suck ass. OK that was two words. Seriously, I know God is there and I do have a positive feeling that Ellie will be one of the kids that is healed but I do not enjoy waiting for scan results. Lots of mind tricks take place and when you let the doubt in just a teeny bit, it can spiral out of control. So enough of that negative talk. Ellie is fine! Her scans were beautiful and her brain is starting to look healthy again. The swelling is all but gone and the scar tissue has been removed and other than the gaping black hole on her right hemisphere, her brain looks marvelous! We also had a little cognitive test and she did well. Better results than 3 months ago when she took the same test. I know academically we have a challenging road ahead of us but I am here to help her with any roadblocks she may encounter. I know she can do it. Better yet, she knows she can do it.

This weekend was beautiful in Virginia. On Sunday Ellie and I took a nature walk to the lake and took some photos of the reds, yellows, browns and orange colors that are fall. Off to play a game of Bejewled Blitz... it is so addictive and one little game turns into 20. Definitely my guilty pleasure as of late.

Pretty View