Monday, October 5, 2009

to carve or not to carve...

I was looking for pumpkin design inspiration today online and I found a slew of amazing pumpkins at Martha Stewart. From drawing silly faces with sharpies all the way to intricate carvings. I love the owl pumpkins the best. hoo hoo hoo! I may just have to do the sharpie designs to get me by though. It's been so warm that I dare not carve a pumpkin until a few days before Halloween. Aren't these so cool?!

I adore the little guy to the right. I am going to make him for sure.

these are my favorites. Little pumpkins and gourds for eyes and ears.

we saw these on the Martha show the other day. She had quite the city/neighborhood going. Way more than I am going to do but the girls and I liked it. I love the detail with the windows popping out and the chimmenys.

simplicity at it's best. Little triangle eyes and a carrot nose. I love the white pumpkins too.

if carving is not your thing that a candy face pumpkin would be easy enough to do. love the licorice eyes.

we just may have to honor our secondary memphis roots and do an elvis pumpkin.
thank you, thank you very much

after all that hard work carving pumpkins you just have to kick back and down a few of these ghostly vanilla shakes.