Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's scan time

Tomorrow Ellie and I fly to Memphis for her MRI at St. Jude. We are closing in on our one year anniversary that marks the end of treatment. November 18th 2008 was that day. The day of her last stem cell transplant and high dose chemo. That was a monumental day, one we fought so hard to arrive at. The next day as we prepared to leave the 2nd floor of the Chilis Care Center at St. Jude, the nurses and doctors gathered round and sang the 'No Mo Chemo' song to Ellie. We were all so happy to hear those words sung to our baby. I had watched several other kids celebrate on this joyous day weeks and months before and I was beyond thrilled that our turn finally arrived. Here are the words and video.

'Our patients have the nicest S M I L E
Our patients have the sweetest H E A R T
Oh, we love to see you everyday
But now it's time we get to say...
Pack your bags, Get out the door
It's time for you to leave the floor!'
*alternate last line that some sing is "you don't get chemo any more"
As I watched this video, which I hadn't seen in a bit, I was so amazed at how very skinny, pale and bald Ellie is. Boy her body took a beating. I rejoice now seeing her back to a healthy weight with color in her cheeks, eyebrows and eyelashes in place and hair continuing to grow on her head. She never did loose her spirit though. Some things cancer just cannot have.

Every three months for the next two years we return to St. Jude to have scans and check-ups to ensure the cancer has not come back. It's definitely a stressful time but I know that it is out of my control and in the hands of God. Worrying will not accomplish anything but make me crazy and cause me to doubt our journey. God has provided us with so many positive signs that He is with us and really, what more could I want? Because my heart now knows Jesus, I can really get through anything and I know there is nothing to fear and I trust and have faith. Everyday I pray Ellie stays cancer free and for the rest of her life and my life, this will be what I ask for. This journey has been over 16 months long now but it is only by living one day at a time that we have gotten here. If you could send up a prayer or a positive thought Friday morning and ask for God to keep Ellie cancer free, that would be wonderful.